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Unlock the Full Power of your Smart Phone
for FREE!

What if you had Local Businesses offering you Deals, right to your Smart Phone, but ONLY when you were close to them?

And What if your In-Store Experience totally changed?
And What if all this was FREE?

Offers from Businesses

 They Compete... 
You get deals and steals right to your phone and the cool part is you only get offers when you are close to their business.
Say you are in a Mall and a store offers you a deal and the next one doesn't, which one are you likely to frequent?


Content that's Pertinent To You Right Now
Forget those annoying ads from businesses across town or in other citys that you don't plan to visit any time soon.
This is Location Based Communication when you need it most...when you are Close to the Business.
You can even set up your own controls so you see offers from businesses you accept.



If your School or Organization is set up with their FREE system, you'll be able to get their message in a timely manner. Arrive at school, how about a notice that the South Entrance is closed today for repairs, or one from the city that the water is turned off today for line repair?
And these announcements ONLY apply to folks in the area so if you are accross town you won't see them.

In-Store Beacons

Soon you will start seeing businesses with In-Store Beacons that literally communicate with your device as you approach.
As you saw in the video, you can get pertinent information on a disply as you get close.


Look for it in the App Stores

Look for the Emblem.


Google Play Store

Click the Emblem or search for it in the Play Store, the Pulse-Out App.

You will also be able to scan the QR code in store or download through or


iPhone, iPad, any iThing

All the final updates are done.
Unlock the Power of your device ad

Then There's LoyaCard

Keep all your Loyalty Cards in One Place, your Smart Phone.
It's part of Whats-OUT and keeps track of everything, EVERY Business Automatically.
No more fiddling for cards or cumbersome entering of codes or numbers on a Kiosk, just click, click, done.
When you qualify for a reward, you are automatically notified that it's available on your next visie. Stamping or Redeeming is Quick and Easy, just click, click, done.

Sign up at your Participating Merchant!
And if they don't have one, ask them why and refer them to us.

If they sign up because of your referral, we'll pay you a finders fee!
In fact, you can earn some interesting money.

See Just Below.

Make some Extra Money


Traditional Advertising doesn't work for us, just like it doesn't for most businesses.
It's much better for someone to SEE our products in actions.

Say you have one of the apps and you go into a store you often frequent.
You see they don't have the app so you pull our your smart phone and ask them Why?
"Never heard of it." "What is it?" Several answers.

All you do is say, "Hey, it's the latest and coolest thing. I use it and I'll bet most of your customers would want to know about it as well. How about I have the folks contact you, or you can just go to and click on the Find a Business link. Contact them at the bottom of the page and tell them I told you to contact them, that way you get a little better system."

That's it, all you did was make an introduction and if they come onboard, you get 5% of Everything they ever spend with us, as long as they stay with us.  Not bad for just making an introduction.
Let me know if you want to be onboard and where we mail a check.

Pretty much the same type of deal as on the Passive income stream, but the difference is we get more involved with you in the process.

If you want to get a little more involved in calling on business owners then we should talk. Right now our emphasis is on Utah and we're looking for folks across the state with the exception of Logan and Ogden. But even if you feel you can contribute in Ogden, let's talk.

> You pay nothing now or ever to be involved.
> We cover all the costs for everything online.
> All you would pay is your own leave-behind material and business cards if you want them.
> Never any ongoing fees of any kind.
> You start out at the Passive level and can work up to as much as 40%.
> We are talking an ongong, residual income stream.

Once we get Utah running we'll be branching into other states beginning with the West Coast.
If you are in another state and would like to discuss being the Point for that state, we need to talk.

Contact me direct, Dr. Rick Mayer.

More on this will soon be up at 

If you are a non-profit entity we have a Free system for you.

There are two sides to this, your Free GeoFence system and a way to make money in an ongoing, recurring basis where you aren't asking for something, you are Giving to Local Businesses.

Time to put the FUN back into FUNdraising by dropping the "d".

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